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Welcome to the wiki. You should find everything you need here to keep up with the lore and to fit your character into this world. This is updated all the time so be sure to check back.


Maybe it was millions of years ago. Maybe it was billions. Either way, a pocket of space exploded into a physical anomaly known today as Gwylldea’s Nebula. It is home to all manner of humanoids and creatures. War and peace have passed like seasons. That changed a few thousand years ago in a war of magic.

Much was lost in the war—even the details of how it was started. Most aspects of magic fell into legend. The magic that did survive came in the form of alchemy—the study of magical materials. Spells? Supernatural abilities? Unheard of. The true forms of arcane and divine have been forgotten in an age of enlightenment, steam, and space faring ships.

Different civilizations have boomed. Though treaties ensure peace between them, competition is heated in the arms race for better firearms, better astroboats, and better technology. Between the contest for advancement and trade disputes, the different governments are unaware of the disappearing towns and growing criminal activity.

You’re an adventurer in this exciting world. Do you come from a village of a small moon or an urban metropolis of a gargantuan planet? Are you a swashbuckling cosmonaut or a gifted sorcerer trying to hide your magic secret? Whoever you are, the nebula holds many secrets. What will you uncover in Gwylldea’s Nebula?

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