Orcs have had a bloody and wild history. They have been natural enemies to tellcum humans, eladrin, high elves, and wild elves. Their civilizations have been forced to move to wastelands and sometimes become nomadic. The persistent wars have been nasty on both sides. Much of what was committed would be considered war crimes today. There are four subraces of Orc.


The most iconic of Orcs have not changed much from history. Their green skin is often a terrifying site and brings awful memories of raids to the minds of older generations of some humanoids. Somehow, they’ve been convinced to generally leave civilization alone. There’s no telling what will happen if you run into them in the wild or small villages. Like the Zig, Garmog will often be found among bandits and criminals.


The most lawful of the orc subraces may actually make their way into middle class society. Despite this, Hundur will also fall into crime—they are just better at hiding it. Hundur Orcs are often the muscle for Maenad mafias and seedy dock workers. Their skin color ranges from ruddy brown to muted orange.


The grey skin Orcs were the most bloodthirsty and violent. They will easily be arrested in most cities simply for being there. Because of this, Zig tend to favor small villages and are very wary of strangers. Few Zig exist today, the ones who do are usually found in prisons.


The only Orcs to truly follow a path of goodness were the Pan. The Pan were a collection of nomadic Hundur and Garmog who chose to leave violent tendencies and channel their passions into play. Pan Orcs believe in a culture of hospitality and fellowship. They only fight if forced to. Even then, they often suggest that conflicts are resolved through sports, games, and other competitions. Different tribes of Pan are almost exclusively found on the islands of Hiawhaku. The few Pan who travel outside of their solar system are the most likely to marry humans or other humanoids. In fact, a few tribes have been known to share close friendships with Wild Elves.


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