Maenads are the descendants of an ancient race of crystal creatures and humans. They are known to be very emotional. Because of this, some have been central in easily avoided wars and conflicts. These power hungry maenads are also drawn to organized crime creating the most infamous and powerful mafias known to the nebula. On the other hand, they have also been the most passionate freedom fighters and leaders in humanitarian efforts. Maenads originate from Wandria and Rastochka.

Today, maenads can be found throughout the nebula and tend to stick close together. Notable maenad communities are found in Wandria, Rastochka, and Genos.


Maenads look a lot like humans. They would be indistinguishable if it weren’t for the crystals that protrude from their skin. These crystals can protrude in various patterns and are almost always vibrant colors. They often reflect the dominant emotion that drives their personality. A maenad’s skin has a slight glimmer in light. Maenads tend to be big boned and bulky.


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