Half Elves


Half elves have not had it easy in the nebula. Being part of two different civilizations has caused many half elves to feel ostracized and an identity crisis (especially under imperial rule of Tellcum.) Parental relationships tend to be estranged and difficult. The elf parent outlives the human one causing emotional trauma for the parent and half elf child. Because the challenging life, half elves will stick together.


Half elves have pointed ears but are not as long as their elf ancestors. They sometimes have facial hair depending on their human heritage. They tend to have human eye shape. Children of drow or elistrae retain the dark skin and eye color of their elf parent but retain the eye shape of their human parent.

Half elves may sometimes be mistaken for elves by humans but never by other elves. They tend to be quite attractive and beautiful. Unlike elves, they have a variety of body types and sizes. Even if they are overweight they wear their weight well maintaining a stocky and cuddly appearance. The skinny appear graceful.

Half Elves

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