Gwylldea's Nebula

A Heist on Wandria

(as seen through the eyes of Jason Thicke)

After the scary masked figures killed Captain Greenbeard, injured a couple crew members, and the little girl who kept talking gibberish warped our ship to Wandria, different members of the crew tried getting more information out of her. I think Jin got mad at her, and Wiz cast the spell that makes him understand all languages, but she just kept saying the same word like a dillweed. At one point she drew a map, and I think the big circle in the middle was her homeworld, which was also the word she kept saying over and over again?

So I think Jin and Timmy decided to leave to the hospital to find out how the injured crew members were, and Jason tagged along until he noticed a bathhouse next to the hospital and went inside. He hit on the counter lady a little, and was given a silky, sheer towel to wrap around his loins. As he walked through the various steam rooms, he overheard two guys mention “Donnie.” He recognized this as the name of Jin’s friend and asked the two guys about it. He pretended to know Donnie, which led to all three men nearly getting swept up in a slippery cock fight. Before grappling them, Jason dropped Jin’s name, which made the two guys realize maybe he was the real deal. They became best friends, and the two guys told Jason they’d see him around.

Before leaving for the hospital, Jason took a dip in the pool and found a silver piece at the bottom!

Meanwhile, Jin and Timmy went to the hospital and met up with Polly. When the doctor said that the crew members were out of surgury, Polly went to check on them, while Jin and Timmy went to talk to the doctor about what happened. Polly had removed the bolts that they were shot with, and the doctor had no idea what the bolts were, which caused a bit of an argument. Retrieving a bolt from Polly, Timmy went to the doctor again and asked what is up with these bolts. The doctor was surprised and worried about who would be using these Nokium bolts against us. They are deadly poisonous, and the metal is extremely rare. Timmy kept the bolt he was holding.

Meanwhile Jin and Polly had a conversation about the map that the mysterious girl drew. (I’m fuzzy on that part)

When Jason finally got to the hospital, he had missed the hubbub and the gang was already gone. I think it was because Jin got really pissed off at the hospital staff. Oh also Wiz met a fellow planeswalker and old friend named… Realm? Or something like that. But he was pissed at her too.

Meanwhile Jason wandered through the city trying to find his friends and saw a colosseum. Itching for a fight and maybe some money, he went inside and found out that there was no fight, nor was there any money. Just some random girl. So naturally he very awkwardly tried to hit on her, and miraculously got her to join him on a tram to her favorite bar.

Turned out everyone else was also going to that bar, which just so happened to be a place where Donnie’s thugs were hanging out. They invited Jin and Jason to come see Donnie. Donnie told them he could help them identify the mysterious crossbow bolt, but first they had to pull a heist for him.

So the gang put together a wacky, over the top heist at the local opera house, to steal some plans from a surprisingly friendly and magical man named Alexander-something. Wiz’s job was to play in the pit orchestra, Jin ran the kitchen, Timmy was a waiter, and Nevyn (Andrew?) was a sexy lady. Jason’s job was to make a drunken scene to distract everyone so Timmy could rob Alexander. Unfortunately Jason forgot what his signal was supposed to be, and after a profoundly unhelpful flashback, repeatedly attempted to vault himself at Alexander and just make an all-around fool of himself.

Jin started going insane in the kitchen, just screaming at everyone and exerting dominance over everything that moved. I think that ended up creating enough of a scene that Timmy was able to move forward with the heist by cuing Jason to bull rush the table and cause even more commotion soiling Alexander’s jacket. Alexander asked TIMMY to go fetch him another from his office, and handed him his ring. The ring was a sign to allow TIMMY to get passed the guards. Once in the office, TIMMY didn’t find the map, but found one of the mysterious masks. He pocketed the mask. Immediately Alexander entered the room, and began telling TIMMY about this new planet where only Half-breeds will live. How they will start new, and live in peace. He beckoned TIMMY and possibly Jason to join them. TIMMY hesitated too much, and was not able to get any info or apprehend the man. He allowed TIMMY to keep his ring, as it is a means of getting messages to him. He also said he had no need for the deed or map, and let him have those as well. TIMMY had time for one last question, “Have you seen me before?” Alexander chuckled and left.



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