Gwylldea's Nebula

Fast Times in Genos

  • The Fortuned Spectre sails into Vaudpol, the capital of Genos, and docks in Jarom’s Wharf
    Everyone decides that they’ll be trying to sail out at 8:00 in the evening, and splits off.
  • Jin and Wiz break off to head to the post office
  • TIMMY and Dolgrun head off to find a casino/brothel to have some fun
  • Nevyn and Darrak decide to tail Polly
  • TIMMY and Dolgrun find themselves in Satyrtown, near the entrance to Nymphoria. A half-orc is thrown from the entrance and lands in front of them. Jason Thicke, the half-orc, was thrown out due to the establishment not serving his kind.
  • After Jason expressed no interest in going back in, TIMMY and Dolgrun enter. A Maenad woman at the front desk requests for TIMMY to leave as they don’t serve his kind either.
  • TIMMY and Jason talk, and discuss possibly disguising themselves and trying to enter again, when a large Maenad man comes out and demands that they leave, but adds “Shouldn’t you be in the city center?” toward Jason.
  • After an absolute failure of an intimidation attempt from TIMMY, Jason manages to succeed and get some information. The man stated that there was a riot going on with the half-orcs of the city near the capital building.
  • TIMMY, Jason, and Dolgrun decide to head to the city center.
  • At the city center, they see a crowd of half-orcs, somewhat peacefully protesting outside the capital building. They ask what’s going on, but as they are talking, TIMMY and Jason feel something touching their legs.
  • After a quick search, TIMMY finds an evelope in his pocket, with a note inside. Written in Dwarf and Elvish, it says they are invited to a secret meeting at Zormex Bank in the Financial District at midnight, under the streetlamp. Neither of them sees anyone who could have dropped the notes in their pockets.
  • Interested in what’s going on, and the possibility of having some “fun” both TIMMY, Jason, and Dolgrun head to the post office, to find Jin.
  • When TIMMY, Jason, and Dolgrun arrive at the post office, no one is there, but they run into Wiz, and ask him where Jin is.
  • TIMMY explains to Jin that they should stay and see what’s going on with the invitations that they received for that night. They decide to stay, and find out.
  • Dolgrun stays at the shop to wait for the ship, and TIMMY, Jason, and Jin head to the Financial district brothel The Secret.
  • In The Secret, TIMMY and Jason are mistaken for job applicants, and are told to go to the hospital to get themselves checked before they could apply. Meanwhile, Jin is trying to convince them that they don’t need to get checked.
  • TIMMY and Jason are escorted out of The Secret when they asked too many questions about the hospital, and head to Nala Yaga’s Banya. They purchase a pass, and soak in a mud bath.
  • Close to midnight, TIMMY and Jason head to Zormex Bank and meet Jin. Jin forges a new invitation, and they wait at the streetlamp. Nothing happens for about 45 minutes, but then TIMMY feels something enter his pocket again. Another note.
  • The note was just numbers this time, TIMMY failed to figure out what they meant though, and gave a copy to Jin, who figured out they seemed to be coordinates. TIMMY failed to figure out what they meant. Jin, however, saw a Half-elf pull out a similar note from her pocket, and head in a direction. He slipped away without TIMMY noticing, but Jason saw, and followed.
  • TIMMY and Jason followed Jin, who was following the Half-elf. Once the half elf arrived near the back of a brothel in Jarom’s Wharf, Jin stopped, and waited for Jason and TIMMY to arrive. He watched the half-elf knock on a door, produce her invitation, and be allowed entrance.
  • TIMMY and Jason catch up to Jin, and they discuss ways to get into the building. Jin forges the second note, so he had a copy for himself, and they decided to approach the door one-by-one. They all are eventually allowed entrance, and are ushered down a set of stairs inside.
  • Inside, they sit down, and listen to a halfling Garry who is standing on a stage and speaking to everyone. He invites everyone in the room to join them in coming to a planet where Half-breeds are not treated as lower class. Saying that in the morning they will be leaving and they are all invited to come. After some nonsensical banter from Jason, Jin begins to question what’s going on. The halfling describes that they are just sick of being treated as lesser, and are offering a way to live better. Jin, however, couldn’t get more information, because Garry was afraid of anyone being the people in masks, so they don’t discuss the location until they are on the way.
  • Jin and TIMMY discuss what’s going on with this group. They decide that it’d be good to know where they are going, because this sounds like it could be a bad idea, if they are really doing this for the reasons they say. They request to speak to the leaders of this group, but they aren’t there. The halfling says he will contact his leaders and get back to them in the morning, and meet them at the docks, in the wharf.
  • Jin attempts to pick up on a half-elf girl in the building. Jason and TIMMY go up to the brothel above.
  • Opportunity seeks Wiz’s help and reveals she’s locked between planes.
  • Nevyn uses his badge as an Imperial Agent to gain access to information on the disappearing towns and villages. They’re happening scattered throughout the nebula.


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