Gwylldea's Nebula

A Secret in Janib

The party returns to Janib to get answers. They find more than they bargained for.

  • The members of the party all wake up in their respective places the next morning.
  • TIMMY and Jason are both told to leave the brothel or otherwise pay for more time. They pay for the nights services, and head out and toward the ship.
  • Jin, Nevyn (Right now going by “Andrew”), and Wiz are at the ship when Garry, the halfling from the night before, requests to speak with Jin.
  • Jin comes out of his quarters to speak with the halfling, but Garry is more interested in speaking with Jason and TIMMY.
  • As Jason and TIMMY show up, Garry pays little attention to Jin, and introduces the half-breeds to the leaders of their movement.
  • Edouard and Cozoth, both introduce themselves and begin speaking to Jason and TIMMY. Once again, paying little to no attention to Jin.
  • They confirm their plans on moving as many half-breed citizens to their hidden settlement on a planet, in which they wouldn’t confirm.
  • TIMMY and Jason, part skeptical and part worried tried to get more information out of them. Not much was found out. Just that they do have some non-half-breeds living in the settlement, but it’s mainly for everyone to start a new life. They had no interest in trying to fight for their rights elsewhere any longer.
  • TIMMY insisted that they speak further, but at another time, as the situation on Janib was more important to investigate. Edouard agreed to meet in Alnuhar in 7 days. TIMMY, unsure if they would still be on Janib by that point, insisted on another form of communication. Edouard gave him an item used for wyvern mail, which would give him the ability to send messages by wyvern to him directly.
  • Jason, declined to go with them, stating he’d rather attempt to join his new acquainted friends on the Fortuned Spectre. Jin gave him two choices, to pay his way on, or work his way on. Jason was more than willing to do some grunt work to earn his place on the ship.
  • The three day trip to Janib was uneventful.
  • Darrak and Dolgrun contracted star sickness during the trip, however, and both would be bedridden for at least this next outing.
  • Once in Alnuhar, the crew got together and decided on what to do. Jin wanted to visit his home estate and check on some things and TIMMY decided to keep him company in case anything went awry. Nevyn, Wiz, Jason, and Polly headed toward the central train station bazaar, to check on a train to the mines and village.
  • Jin and TIMMY ran into no trouble on the way to Jin’s home, and were greeted by Jin’s family. They head into a secure room to speak with Jace. (I forget what exactly he told Jin and TIMMY, outside that these empty villages seem to have been emptied with no fight or struggle. Everyone just up and disappears. If anyone could clarify, that’d be great.) Jin and TIMMY also inform Jace that there is a group who are trafficking half-breeds off to some unknown planet settlement, in hopes that more information could be gained through Jin’s network.
  • Meanwhile, at the bazaar, Jason had some money stolen from him, and the group found out that the next train left in a couple hours. Wiz and Polly put on a performance to gain some extra money in the meantime.
  • On their way out, Jin and TIMMY were told that Jin’s friend Donny was off planet, so they headed straight to the bazaar.
  • Once all together, the party pays for a private seating area in one of the front cars of the train.
  • As the train is going, Jason and Nevyn fall asleep and the rest of the party begins to feel light-headed. TIMMY gives Jason a soft kick in the ribs, to wake him up, which doesn’t wake him. Jin finds this fun, and gives him another kick, just because.
  • At this moment, TIMMY begins to investigate the room, and finds that gas is being released into the room through the a vent. Immediately, he opens the windows, and the door of the room, and begins moving Jason and Nevyn to the seat by the open window, hoping some fresh air would help wake them up.
  • Polly handles the situation calmly and exits the room.
  • Wiz opens the vent and finds a hose with a coupling on one end, as if it had been connected to something. He rushes out of the room to look in the rest of the rooms on the car. Most of the rooms were empty, but one had passengers, but they didn’t seem to know about anything, and Wiz didn’t feel it necessary to alarm them.
  • Nevyn wakes up first, and TIMMY tells him what’s going on. With cat-like reflexes, he jumps out the window and climbs up to the top of the train.
  • Wiz comes back into the room, and TIMMY informs him where Nevyn is. Wiz and Jin follow suit and head out the window.
  • TIMMY wakes up Jason, and informs him that they’ve been gassed, and he needs to get up, and walks out of the room to the back of the car. He checks to see if he can see into the next car, it’s another room car, but there is a ladder up to the roof of the train.
  • Jason, in a confused stupor, rushes out of the room and grabs the first service attendant he sees. He grabs after him, but in his half-awake state, he just scares off the attendant. Rushing after him, he finally grabs a hold of him, and shakes him, shouting questions about what’s going on. The attendant speaks very little common, and says he’ll go get his boss. Jason, realizing what he’s doing, lets the kid go.
  • TIMMY shouts at Jason to follow him, and out of the corner of his eye, sees the three on the roof jump across to the next car. In the next car, Jason and TIMMY find a few offended passengers, and interrupt a private moment of some other passengers. No one knew of anything strange looking going on.
  • Meanwhile, on the roof, Jin, Nevyn, and Wiz make their way to the last connected car, with one close call. Nevyn nearly lost his balance and fell off, but caught himself before falling all the way down.
  • In the last car, the group sees a car full of luggage and nothing immediately interesting. The three of them decide to unhitch the last car, so that no one could slide past and hide there, or if there was a bomb in there it wouldn’t blow them up. They spend a bit of time trying to figure out the contraption to unhitch the car.
  • Jason and TIMMY make their way to the next car, which is a dining car. Looking for anyone suspicious. A few glances in their direction, one group at a table all avert their gaze immediately and attempt to conceal their faces. Walking up to them, Jason asks what’s up. The obviously scared people address TIMMY as “Mr. Biggs” and state that nothing is going on, and nothing is wrong. Jason wonders why they know TIMMY’s name, but immediately TIMMY realizes that they’re just afraid of his reputation. He asks them what their eating, and one of them gives him his curry. Eating most of what’s left of the young man’s curry, he inquires of anything fishy going on. They didn’t know anything. So TIMMY puts the curry down, thanks them, and him and Jason head on their way to the next car.
  • As Jin, Wiz, and Nevyn are fiddling with the hitch on the car, a guard shows up, and demands to know what’s going on. Wiz steps up and says that they’re taking care of the situation, and he should be glad that they’re helping. The guard, confused and angry, says that it looks like they’re tampering with the car, and demands that they stop. Wiz confidently tells him off and says that if he was doing his job, they wouldn’t have to be doing this themselves. He also adds the reasoning for removing the car. The guard is baffled, and demands that they stop, Nevyn turns to him and grabs him, and pulls him over to the entrance of the rear car. Wiz tells him that they’re just looking for the guy who gassed their room. The guard, confused as to why they didn’t say this in the first place, demanded that they let him go, and he could try to find the culprit. Jin demanded that the guard first start helping by searching the rear car. The guard refused. Nevyn tells Jin to grab his gun, so he does. Jin points in in the guard’s face, and demands he search the rear car. After some conversation, the guard agrees. They shove him in, and he begins searching for anything/anyone suspicious. While Jin, finding the lever for the hitch, begins pulling it slowly, intimidating the guard. They yell back and forth a few times, before the guard goes quiet. Jin yells again, and the guard comes forward with some mechanism, and says that he found something suspicious. After some arguing, Jin empties the guard’s gun, and exchanges it for the device. The device smells like the gas that was in their room. At this point, I don’t remember the reasoning, the three decide to loot the back car of any money or nice things.
  • Jason and TIMMY enter the next car. No one stands out, except for a few adventurers. Jason steps forward, getting ready to yell something. TIMMY casts minor illusion, and makes a loud ominous sound, and Jason yells out to the room. The adventurers react quickly, draw their weapons and face Jason and TIMMY. They yell out, and inquire what the two want. TIMMY asks if they’ve seen any sort of shady dealings going on. Jason then blurts out “Our room got gassed!” The adventurers stand down, and sheath their weapons. After some discussion, the adventurers state that a tiefling came through very quickly and on to the next car.
  • After the looting, Jin finds enough money to split between the three of them, 90 gold a piece. Wiz is wearing a leotard, and they need a distraction, because they can see the train is coming close to the next station. They use some illusion spells to make smoke and yell fire. Causing a massive panic.
  • As the conversation with the adventurers is ending, Jason and TIMMY notice the train car is coming to a halt. They hear some sort of commotion in the cars to the back. They run to the door, and climb the ladder to the roof of the train. Jason spots three tieflings, TIMMY chases after one, and Jason chases another. TIMMY’s is a senile old tiefling, who definitely isn’t who they were looking for. Jason’s is a confused woman who has no idea what to make of the situation, while Jason is shaking her yelling in her face. The two search for the other tiefling to no success.
  • Jin, Wiz, and Nevyn managed to escape during the commotion.
  • The team all together once again, head to a carriage, where they decided to meet. Jin, Nevyn, Wiz, and TIMMY climb inside, and Polly and Jason climb into the diver’s seat. Jason flirts with Polly, Polly flirts back, a new “will they won’t they” romance sparks.
  • The carriage ride comes to a halt at the mines, and to everyone’s surprise, the minecart tracks lead to a wall of rubble. Everyone exits the carriage. Everyone is on edge. Polly states that this was the entrance, and it definitely didn’t seem to be in poor condition when she was here last. It looks like the entrance was caved in naturally, but there was no way that was the case. She mentions a secret entrance, and everyone agrees to head that way.
  • In the secret entrance, there are signs of bloodshed, but no bodies. Jin, Polly, and Nevyn head into the next room, where there is an overturned minecart. Jin and Nevyn flip it over. There is the corpse of a boy, who is clutching some object in his hand. Jin pulls it out, it looks like some sort of strange grey leather. Nevyn asks to see it, as soon as it touches Nevyn’s skin, it turns into human looking flesh. All three of them are confused. Nevyn hands it back to Jin, and it turns back into grey leather. Nevyn pulls out a cloth, covers it and packs it away. They call for everyone else to come in.
  • Polly wishes to respect the dead by burying the boy. Jason is the only one who is willing to help and begins digging a hole. The rest of the party head down another passageway.
  • In the passageway, two ettercaps come out of a mineshaft. Everyone gets ready to fight. Wiz attempts to pee on one of the ettercaps, and fails. Jason joins in once he hears the commotion, and the party dispatches of the two creatures fairly quickly.
  • Everyone decides to head on into the mineshaft. Lighting a torch, Polly is burning webs on their way through. TIMMY and Jin notice that the wood is rotting, with fungus growing on it. They warn the party to be careful. They hear the footsteps of more ettercaps, and begin running further down the shaft. The party decides shooting the wood beams is a good idea, and collapses the shaft behind them. All but Jin get out safely, but Jin gets stuck in some webs. Polly runs back to save him.
  • The party takes a route through the shaft that seems like it is heading to an exit. They enter a larger cave area, with an office, and the caved in entrance on the far side. Jin searches the office, and the party finds a pickaxe. Jason begins digging a hole in the entrance. The party is gathered near the caved in entrance, when they hear something. A red dragon swoops into the room. The dragon yells out in draconic. Wiz understands it, and tells the party that he says “No one can leave.”
  • TIMMY focuses his ki and casts pass without trace. He and Wiz manage to hide and walk along the edge of the cave. Nevyn failed a stealth attempt, and no one else seemed to feel the need to try and stealth. The dragon attacks Jason bloodying him after one hit, and three spider creatures come down from the ceiling. One of them traps Jin in some webs. The battle begins. TIMMY and Wiz turn back and begin as well. TIMMY gets poisoned by an ettercap, and has a hard time hitting the ettercap. Jason tries to fight the dragon, but barely does any damage. Wiz kills an ettercap with a cloud of daggers. Jin uses a grapplehook to escape the webs. Nevyn hides in a minecart and shoots arrows out at the enemies. TIMMY attempts to fight off one of the other ettercaps, and misses every hit. Nevyn attempts to pushing attack one of the spiders, but it resists, but still takes damage. I forget who attacked and immobilized the dragon, but that happened. The dragon uses his breath weapon and hits Jason, Jin, and one of the ettercaps. The ettercap dies, and Jin and Jason are damaged so bad, they are close to death. Nevyn attacks the dragon with cloud of daggers, and the dragon begins to flash a different color with every hit. One more hit from Nevyn, and the dragon appears completely different. It looks like a deep black, almost as if it’s outline appears like a portal to a nebula. Then it shrinks into itself and disappears.
  • Everyone helps stabilize the two downed heroes. Jin, Nevyn, and TIMMY head to the cavern that the dragon came out of. There is a room with something in the center. TIMMY and Jin stumble over each other to reach it. It’s a crossbow bolt, that appears to be made out of an extremely rare metal, leaving dimensional warp trails behind it wherever it’s moved. The metal is recognized to be Nokium. Jin’s former business partner, Donny D’amore, would know all about it. This is where we ended.


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